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from König Amanullah to Facebook - Documentary from Elke Jonigkeit

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Kabul, old cityt, 2012 Kabul, new cityt, 2012

from King Amanullah to Facebook

Afghanistan from 1928 - today: Have relationships between men and women changed? Young male and female students, my friends, whom I have accompanied with a camera since 1985, but also old men and women, will have their say. None have ever left Afghanistan; they have experienced the changes in their country and thus draw an authentic portrait of life in Afghanistan.
King Amanullah, a reformer, who visited Germany in 1928, wanted to eliminate the burka and polygamy; he failed and had to flee the country. Afghanistan fell into the hands of the mullahs again.


The Communists in power between 1973 and 1990 were also unsuccessful with their emancipatory changes. After their withdrawal in 1990, Islamist mujaheddin assumed power, and five years later, the fundamentalist Taliban came, with the familiar impact on women, namely the burka together with a ban on work and education.
Today, Afghanistan is at a similar crossroads. Power is to be shared with Taliban.  
Globalization has also entered Afghanistan and brought the new media. Frequently, the Internet, television, cell phones, and so on fatally collide with Afghan reality, in particular, the rigid traditions and customs imposed upon women to “preserve male dignity”.


ElkeinAmanischule Elke
Hafiza and her 3 daughters Elkein the Amani school


Kabul, old city, 2012 Kabul, new city, 2012


Überleben in Kabul



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